Ownership, Specificity, and Brevity (OSB)

The OSB technique is indispensable to establish veracity when hearing or reading questions and answers, such as deposition transcripts, expert report content and even daily conversation. You can (and should) use the OSB mnemonic in most of your public and private communications, including if you provide expert witness testimony. And, once you begin applying the technique you will find it indispensable in your forensic practice. The following describes its application.

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Expert Witness Exchange: Expert Beware—Liability Claims May Follow

In this article, the Expert Witness Exchange (EWE) discusses expert witness liability exposure.

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2019 Annual Consultants Conference - Featured Sessions

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Why You Need an Elevator Pitch and How to Create one
The author discusses why one needs an elevator speech and how to prepare the elevator speech. If you have such a speech, how is that working?
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