Assessing the Risk of Fraud in Your Organization: Don’t be a Victim of Fraud

Fraud can affect virtually any organization and fraud costs can be far more than just monetary losses.  The author discusses the recent Wells Fargo fraud investigation and shares her views regarding what makes for an effective risk identification program.  The effects of fraud can go beyond simple dollar losses and include harm to the organization’s reputation, employee morale, legal costs, and erosion of confidence by investors among other negative effects.

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Seeking the Seller’s Market: Family-Owned Businesses—Perils of Selling to Family Members and Delaying a Sale Now to Third Parties

Are the increases in market multiples and the access to capital a sign of the impending surge of business exits?  In this article, the author shares his views on selling to family members vis-à-vis to a non-heir third party, the perils of waiting to sell a business, discussing the valuation gap and seller’s expectations, and delaying a sell.

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What’s in a Name? Why the Change from “Fraudulent Transfer” to “Voidable Transaction” May be a Big Deal

The Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (UFTA) was recently amended and renamed; it is now called the Uniform Voidable Transactions Act (UVTA). “The renaming has no substantive effect whatever. Yet, it reflects an important truth about the act that merits discussion.” This article shows how changes in semantics can potentially lead to changes in how so-called fraudulent transfer lawsuits are addressed by practitioners and the courts.

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Considerations in the Valuation of Alternative Asset Management Firms and Carried Interest: Issues in Hedge Fund Valuations

The proliferation of hedge funds presents an opportunity for valuation analysts. In this article, the author provides an overview of the hedge fund industry, compares the manner in which hedge funds operate vis-à-vis private equity and venture capital, and outlines the opportunities and challenges for valuation analysts interested in serving this market sector.

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