IRS Section 2704: NACVA Present at the Congressional Hearings on the Proposed Regulations

In 2015, the IRS issued proposed section 2704 regulations. The proposal would severely impact valuations of family held businesses that are the subject of gifts. On December 1, 2016, hearings were held in Congress regarding the impact of the proposed regulations. NACVA members, Peter Agrapides, Robert Grossman, and Mark Hanson testified at the hearing. In this article, Mr. Agrapides shares some of what occurred at the Congressional hearing.

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Book Review BVR’s—What’s It’s Worth: Winery Value

QuickRead’s Technical Editor, Roberto Castro, reviews BVR’s What It’s Worth: Winery Value.

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Are You Ready to Serve as an Expert Witness? The Question of Admissibility

Are you ready to serve as an expert witness? Your training and experience are critical factors establishing your qualifications, but not a license to testify on matters beyond your scope of expertise. In this article, the author shares her experience evaluating your admissibility as an expert.

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Modified Formula for Adjusting Cost of Capital for Current Market Conditions

How can one adjust the cost of capital to reflect current market conditions? Does inclusion of the βSIZE and SPH/ERPH result in double counting? In this article, Marc Vianello answers these questions.

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