Become Entrepreneurial Within: Remaster the Employee Mindset

The author discusses ways to engage staff and develop the inner-entrepreneurial spirit.

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Transferring Closely Held Company Equity To a Key Employee—Part I of II

The author encourages, as a starting point, owners of a closely held company to consider numerous issues with regard to the compensation of key employees.  If the closely held company operations are successful, valuable and long-term employees sometimes seek to be compensated through an equity ownership in the company.  This key employee desire for equity ownership has practical implications as well as taxation implications.  From the practical perspective, the founding owners assumed the business risks and financial risks of starting the closely held company.  Accordingly, the founding owners understandably feel that they are entitled to their equity ownership.  On the other hand, the key employee may be directly responsible for much of the company’s recent success.

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2018 Annual Consultants' Conference Agenda and Session Details Announced
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Morningstar Discontinues SBBI Valuation Yearbook: Summary and Solutions

Morningstar announced in September 2013 it will discontinue publishing the SBBI Valuation Yearbook, but that it will continue to publish the Ibbotson SBBI Classic Yearbook. James Harrington, who was previously director of business valuation research in Morningstar’s Financial Communications Business, provides a summary of which data is being discontinued and continued, along with a discussion of alternative data sources in light of the recent announcement.

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7 Personal Branding Tips for Aspiring Experts: Creating Visibility and Personal Brand Recognition

In this article, Dr. Frederiksen provides seven branding tips for aspiring experts.

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