News You Can’t Use: SSFS 1 Announced at AICPA FVS Conference

The AICPA just announced the upcoming Statement on Standards for Forensic Services (SSFS 1) engagements. In this article, C. Zachary Meyers offers readers a sneak peek into the three key areas of interest.

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Exercising Due Professional Care and Obtaining Adequate Information in Small Business Valuations

As valuation professionals, one of the challenges we face in valuing small businesses is the quality of the financial information provided by the subject company. The NACVA professional standards require members to exercise due professional care and obtain sufficient relevant data to prepare a conclusion, recommendation, or position. In this article, Michael Bankus lists several suggestions to obtain adequate information to complete the engagement of a small business.

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The Expert Witness Exchange: CVAs and Expert Witnessing

In this article, the Expert Witness Exchange discusses expert witness employment opportunities for CVAs and how to get noticed by attorneys.

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Guide Brings Consensus View from Three BV Leaders

James Hitchner, Dr. Shannon Pratt, and Jay Fishman are co-authors of a publication that uses a Q&A approach to address important questions. The article includes excerpts from this book.
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Expert Deposition Testimony and Responding to the Motion to Exclude Your Testimony

Anticipate that opposing counsel will challenge some aspect of the report and suggest flaws notwithstanding the hard work. How you present yourself and testify is of utmost importance. In this article, the author shares her views on how to prepare and address the criticism that will be leveled at you and your report.
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