The Asset-Based Valuation Approach: The Adjusted Net Asset Value Method

This discussion is the fifth part in a series regarding the asset-based business valuation approach. Previous discussions described the theory and application of the Asset-based Approach. And, previous discussions described the theory and application of the asset accumulation (AA) method. This discussion describes the theory and application of the adjusted net asset value (ANAV) method.

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Fair Value Measurements In the Crosshairs of Regulators

In this article, Mark Zyla of Acuitas discusses trends in fair value measurements in financial reporting and enforcement actions. Mr. Zyla notes that financial reporting is increasingly scrutinized by regulators. He observes that recent inspection reports of accounting firms that audit publicly traded entities by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) have indicated an increasing focus on the audit procedures related to fair value. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has also showed concerns regarding outside valuation specialists who assist management in determining fair value measurements. The increased scrutiny has put a spotlight on the process of measuring fair value in financial reporting.

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Annual Consultants' Conference Agenda and Session Details Now Available!

2017 Annual Consultants' Conference - Chicago

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How to Win Over the Jury: Tips for Expert Witnesses (and Legal Counsel) from a Litigation Strategist
Expert witnesses need to prepare, but what other factors may help the expert win-over the jury? Wendy Pearson, a seasoned litigation strategist, shares her views on this subject.

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Selecting the Right Forensic Accountant Can Effect the Outcome of a Case

One of the most critical decisions practicing attorneys have to face is the selection of a forensic accountant. The specialized training and expertise of forensic accountants and the role they play, either as consultants or as expert witnesses, can make the difference in the final outcome of a case. However, it is critical that the right person with the right expertise, training, and background be selected. This article will describe the various areas of specialization in which a forensic accountant performs, how to select the right professional for the job, and the benefits of using a forensic accountant.

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