Getting Paid: What Your Expertise is Worth

When pursuing new engagements, financial consultants often face competition from others who are willing to accept below-market rates.  This fee-based competition can be demoralizing and frustrating, but the tips shared in this article may help.

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Using the Option Pricing Method Changes the Standard of Value. Does the IRS or Anyone Care? (Part II of II)

Part one of this article presented the “current method” and “option pricing method” (OPM) for allocating value to common stock for 409a valuations, and how these two methods differ in pricing of common stock.  Part two examines the implied changes made by OPM and how it affects stakeholders.  The article begins with a brief review of the key impacts on the valuation problem.

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Will Your Methodology be up to Snuff? Beyond Frye and Daubert

The methodology employed by the expert is a critical factor determining the admissibility of the testimony. Frye, Daubert, and Kumho provide guidance regarding the admissibility of the testimony. In this article, the author discusses these and recent cases, including: Manpower, Inc. v. Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania; United States v. Alabama Power Company; United States v. Cinergy Corp., to illustrate the how courts have decided motions to exclude.

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Estate of Newberger v. Commissioner: What About Subsequent Events—Lessons from the Valuation of Artwork?

In the December 2015 Tax Court Memo Estate of Newberger v. Commissioner, the Tax Court considered post-date-of-death sales prices in the valuation of three separate pieces of artwork owned by the decedent. Considered in one instance was the sale of the actual piece of art itself, and in two other instances, the sale of other pieces of art considered comparable to the art owned by the decedent. Also at issue was how the Great Recession impacts value in the context of reliance on actual or comparable sales transactions.

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