The Application of Guideline Publicly Traded Company Risk Adjustment: Quantifying the Risk Adjustment

Depending on the valuation assignment facts and circumstances, the valuation analyst (analyst) may encounter a unique valuation problem: a problem that is well outside the ordinary scope of typical valuation issues.  Unique problems provide the analyst an opportunity to develop thought leadership solutions in a manner that (1) provides value to the client and (2) assists the reader of the valuation report.  These thought leadership solutions (1) can provide context to the identified problems and (2) can help to measure the effect of the problem on the subject investment interest.

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Emotional Considerations for Transitions: Time to Check-in and Frankly Address those Emotional Issues

Seller’s remorse is real and not being emotionally prepared to transition the business is as dangerous as the value and financial matters.  The emotional component of the sale/transition is worth considerably more than the money you will receive for the business.  In this article, Edwin Mysogland shares the importance of addressing the emotional issues that arise when small business owners transition out of the business.

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The Valuation of Trademark-Related Intangible Property: A Primer on the Approaches and Issues Involved in Valuing Trademarks

Valuation analysts are often called on to perform valuation, damages, and transfer price analyses of trademark-related intangible property for various purposes. This discussion describes the valuation of trademarks within the context of both financial accounting and income tax accounting (in particular, tax-related intercompany transfer pricing) and summarizes the generally accepted trademark analysis approaches and methods. And, this discussion presents three examples, using different analytical methods, to illustrate the analysis of trademarks.

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Hospital Valuations–Market Approach: Beware of the Limitations of Hospital Transaction Databases

The market approach is one of three established valuation approaches. In this approach the valuation analyst will look for comparable companies. In this article the authors caution against the outright use of databases as a means of developing a Conclusion of Value for a hospital. Independent verification is time-consuming and essential. The authors discuss five common mistakes seen using the market approach.

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